CAPPASITY — An Equation of 3D Content Revolution (AR+VR+360+BLOCKCHAIN)

Don’t remember whether “The Simpsons” an American Sitcom, predicted about the Blockchain Technology or the introduction of latest 3D innovation, but I do remember a movie “Paycheck” wherein, an IT geek (Ben Affleck) by reverse engineering assemble a computer in which a beautiful Lady, of a palm size, is standing in front of audience and representing a latest computer. This computer as per the movie was the finest product for the contractor to shatter the competition. Although, it was more of a fiction at that time, but if the same scene is reproduced again, it won’t astonish the audience because, they are now experiencing much more than that through the innovations in the field of 3D contents displayed through various mechanisms. Yes, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 360 views has started to change the way we live our lives. However, these technologies are at their introductory stage and the world has yet to embrace the same. It is anticipated by some quants of respective financial institutions that by the year 2020, the VR/AR industry will worth much more than 100 billion. At one end, there will be a growing demand from the business community as a whole to adopt these technologies in near future, while at the same time, the need of compelling content will be in high demand. Thus, this imbalance of supply and demand must be tackled before the said technologies become so valuable that its mass adoption is hindered. There is a dire need of a marketplace which can act as an exchange of value among the stakeholders. Tech Giants such as Google, Samsung, and Facebook are working on it to have the whole pie in their plate.

Why should these giants have all the fun

For brief intro, please find below what these technologies are:

Augmented Reality (AR)

“It is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real world environment whose elements are “augmented” by computer-generated perceptual information….. The primary value of Augmented reality is that it brings components of the digital world into a person’s perception of the real world, and does so not as simple display of data, but through the integration of immersive sensations that are perceived as natural parts of an environment.” (Wikipedia)

So, basically, to understand AR in simple manner, just remember Iron Man movie, where the real world is supplemented with additional information provided by the machine, such as distance, angle, accuracy, estimates etc. This technology is no more a fiction though, and soon you might be using a simple lens that will enhance your vision of real world with computer generated displays.

Virtual Reality (VR)

As defined in the whitepaper of CAPPASITY,

Virtual reality implies immersion into a virtual world which is completely isolated from reality. VR uses goggles that completely cover the user’s field of vision, creating the illusion of transferring the user to a virtual space.”

In this technology, a user is separated from the real world, and placed in a virtual world, where he can experience his life in a unique was. Samsung Galaxy introduced its VR instrument connected with its mobile phone, through which you can enjoy the feel of virtual world. You might be experiencing a ride of roller-coaster, sitting at a beautiful seaside, experiencing a waterfall… so on and so forth.

360 degree video (360)

Also known as immersive videos or spherical videos, are video recording where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time. During the playback user has the control of viewing every angle of the video. This is the latest trend in social media where people share their experience recorded in a 360 view.

These latest technologies are growing day by day, the world is anticipating its use case in every field. It is expected that every major industry will be disruptive by the use of these technologies. Imagine a Retail store, where customers will be helped to buy their lifestyle through immersive vision, or surgeries will be done by the use of VR, the whole new ways of marketing will be explored and the marketing researchers will have to find a solution to sell their products by using these technologies, running a philanthropic campaign etc.

At one hand, the world is going to be shaped by these technologies, at the same time another technology has started to get its roots to the contemporary business environment, which may soon change the whole economic system i.e. Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)


A brainchild of an unknown man or a group of unknown people, later known as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ is a distributed ledger in which there is no need for a central authority to control your records. Each record in a Blockchain cannot be altered or tempered once added to the Block (a set of record in a chain of records or blocks). Secured via cryptographic ways, and replicated across the whole network consisted of independent, untrusting, Nodes which supports the network by providing a special mining service to run the network.

To understand it, think of a global payment system, where a customer in one country has to pay another in a different country, have to use services of a bank, which will act on his behalf, in front of another bank which will be backing the beneficiary of customer payment. This whole payment process may takes up to several days, further, these transactions can be altered by the 3rd authority i.e. bank . Further, each member of whole transaction has to manage its own ledger, thus, a same transaction is recorded many times in different ledgers, creating a hectic exercise. Notwithstanding, in case of a transaction such as purchase of a financial security, a 3rd party has to act as an arbitrary authority whose role will be to ensure Delivery versus Payment (DVP) in each transaction (such like Escrow Agent).

With the introduction of Blockchain, those businesses with a Network can function more efficiently, effectively. Interalia, some other features of this technology includes the reduction of the risk of backup, data storage at several places, use of cryptography techniques to secure the data, irreversible transaction with no external interference, and of course, the introduction of “One world, one economy and one currency concept through the use of tokens (cryptocurrencies) which can be exchanged as a medium of exchange.

The Equation of Revolution — CAPP Tokens

In the last two years, the world has witnessed a new sensation because of AR+VR+360 in the field of 3D content and Blockchain. Both these technologies are still in their introductory phase, despite the fact, every stake holder of these two different arenas understand how revolutionary these technologies are. We have to experience a Renaissance of the way we do in our daily life, but it will take some time, yet, these technologies have to evolve, accepted by the masses.

CAPPASITY, a well trusted player in the field of 3D digitalization, and its application to AR and VR, have taken a brave giant leap to combined these two instruments of revolution in to one product i.e. CAPP Tokens an ERC-20 compliant utility token.

CAPP Token is the underlying cryptocurrency of the Ecosystem introduced by the CAPPASITY through the use of Blockchain technology for the stakeholders of 3D contents. The vision of the project is to storm the adoption of these technologies which are restricted due to lack of persuasive content.

Please find below some of the highlights about the Blockchain project and its related Coin Offering from the whitepaper of the CAPPASITY. It is to bring into your notice that this document is not an investment advice and is a mere piece of information, details set forth are the summary as per my understanding of the project, so it may guide you only to understand the project in a simplest form. You might disagree with my opinion on any matter; therefore, it is encourage having a look at the whitepaper by yourself, placed at the CAPPASITY website.

Problem Statement

Firstly, though, there is an increasing trend in the field of 3D content and the use of these technologies, but to fulfill the demand of the masses, current situation of 3Dcontent creation is not healthy. Assuming, if 1% of the business world started to use these technologies to market their business, still there will be a demand for 3D content, and more specifically, content that attracts customers.

Secondly, the monopolization of the 3D industry by leading IT companies, which provides different platforms for content creation, however, not able to integrate one creation into the same in another platform, thus increasing the same work twice if required.

Thirdly, the current bazaar has been isolated by the domination of greedy vultures over content creaters who charge huge commission

As stated in the whitepaper:

“All the reasons can be considered problems of content distribution which make content makers feel powerless and discourage them from sufficient content creation. So, the low motivation of content makers leads to the content shortage and disappointing content quality.”

Overall, the situation for the content creators is not good, leading business are taking advantages at the cost of content creators, so there is a need for a platform which not only equally treated every stakeholder in the field but also tackles the issues highlighted above. Further, each participant must be motivated to play its role in a transparent, incentives are fair, content are protected by copyrights and high quality is encouraged.

Vision of the CAPPASITY

“We envision a solution that naturally meets the above conditions and embraces a content-centric ecosystem view. The solution is to be based on the principles of a decentralized economy and will implement blockchain technology, which is able to address the fundamental copyright challenge. Blockchain provides transparency and decentralization that will endorse the development of an immutable record.

This is the very feature needed to implement the immutable storage of commercial rights, to trace the transfers of commercial rights and to untangle the issue of commercial rights protection. Blockchain applications extend to various fields including insurance, finance, fraud detection, identity management, e-commerce49 and healthcare. Even in higher education, Blockchain technology can help track student credentials and achievements in a cheap, secure, reliable and public way.

The solution should provide content makers with easy and scalable tools for content generation in order to engage new artists and stimulate content exchange. To facilitate transaction flows among the parties, digital currency will be highly valuable as it will help to globalise the ecosystem and avoid complexities in money transferal. We believe that such an environment may be able to compensate for the shortfalls of AR/VR/3D content as well as act as a valuable springboard to boost AR/VR industry growth and to create the conditions to meet its market volume projections.”

Fruits of Blockchain Ecosystem for Content

Key benefits of the use of Blockchain, among other includes following:

1. Each content created will be stored in a decentralized, trustless environment, whereas, content protection is done by copyright recording. Each creation will be assigned a unique key which will represent the copyright power. No one can rob your content from you.

2. Transactions between buyer and seller executed through the use of Smart Contract, thus, each new seller will be recorded as a new Owner of the content.

3. Globalization of commerce through the use of CAPP tokens which can be easily exchanged within a matter of few seconds.

4. A Marketplace, where content can be listed, bought, sold, rented, auctioned and rated by the community. So, each new idea will be appreciated by the community.

If you are a business which is willing to adopted these new technologies through the use of blockahin from anywhere in the world, this is the revolution for you. No need to brain drain the talent from different parts of the world and bear heavy cost of content production. This will be a one stop shop for all your needs in the future.

Being the avid reader of Blockchain projects, as well as crazy fan of Pokémon Go, which stormed the world by using one of the 3D technology, my view of the project is very positive. The best thing about the project is the proven track record of the CAPPASITY since its inception in the year 2013, initiated their business with an initial target to cater the needs of fashion industry. Assume an immersive store where smart consumers strive to try the clothes before making purchases or customers can experience how the product fits in with their living, whether, it is a furniture in the room, or construction of the complete home before an actual works begin. The outcome is fascinating.

For the proper evaluation of the project, previous achievements and flags in the hat must be taken into account to analyze in depth, the true potential of the concept. In the case of CAPPASITY, we can count on some of them such as:

· They have developed a 3D scan software which generates an image, just in 2 to 3 minutes, previously, the time per production was around 30 minutes;

· Successfully developed a new 3D format, which is 4 time faster on average and can be interacted even the image in 30% downloaded. This new view of 3D object revolutionize the concept of 3D digitization because it does not overload the website with heavy traffic;

· A compatible 3D hologram format that is compatible with various AR/VR devices, not like the other counterparts in the industry, where the products can only be associated to same platform;

· APIs that can easily synch with the catalogue, further, the tools show far better results in compatibility with various browsers than most of its alternatives;

· Last but not least, one of my favorite, the integration of Artificial Intelligence that capture the data and analyze it to explore the customer engagement with a particular product. From the view of a strategic marketer, it is a great tool to highlights which products are in demand, which customer class is preferring what and such other benefits Big Data can bring into the business;

· As per the whitepaper of the project, the current platform is estimated to have an average of 1,000.000 views per month, interalia, CAPPASITY has secure some of the renowned brands such as Jazmin Chebar and Claris Virot. Moreover, 2018 will be the year when 30 different U.S educational institutions will be on page.

So, when an idea, commingled with an ambitious talent along with a proven track record will always wish to reach the masses to satisfy the needs of global business. And to reach a global stage, with the partners like Intel, Nvidia which launched their platform in China with the help of Alibaba team, there is a need for ecosystem that is instant, secured, and provides a sense of security to the interacting parties for their trades. it is an ideal and a brave step to go for a technology that is as revolutionary as in the project.

My Concluding Remarks:

The world has lot to learn about both of these technologies and yet it is undiscovered world of future. If you surf through the internet, you will find forecast by market players about the future of this 3D industry, however, shake it up with the Blockchain technology, it seems to go to the moon. Crunch your numbers, before it’s too late and do it soon because 2nd Phase of ICO is right away.

Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice and just a mere piece of information. This shall not be taken as quote from the organization discussed above .For investment related decision, it is highly recommended to read whitepaper and other related material. Do consult your financial and legal advisor before investing.

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