The Token Economy of BlockChain — 2020

BlockChain — One of the Hot Topic at World Economic Forum, 2018

Lot have been discussed, argued, commented and hyped about the creation, price, real value, use case and the bubble of Bitcoin which according to some will soon be the biggest of all time, even crossing the “Tulip Mania” bubble of 1637. These talks lead my way to discover what it is all about and what is coming next. My personal opinion on Bitcoin, here it is:

  • Energy Sector based on BlockChain Technology
  • Internet of Things (IOT) based projects
  • Financial Accounting, Auditing, KYC, AML, Projects
  • New ways of Crowdfunding, Securitization of assets into tokens, Investment funds,
  • Social Media based projects
  • Payment Services (the oldest ones)
  • Privacy, security, cloud data storage, data sharing, incentive’s for data of users projects
  • Inter-alia, projects such as Taxi services, Medical records, housing services, charity, gambling, banking, market prediction, Artificial Intelligence, National CryptoCurrencies…. and so on and so forth.

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