Who doesn’t want a Better Half?

It is said that Marriage is half a religion, one with a righteous wife; Allah has assisted him in half of his religion. So true in its nature, one cannot ignore that fact that having a good better half yields a happy living for both partners.

Nevertheless, finding a right person for you is a hard nut to crack. To conduct and conclude the decision of finding the better half, society has a practice to refer this matter to family, friends as well as Experts in this field of matchmaking. Traditionally, these experts are referred as Rishta Aunties or Marriage Bureaus in bricks and mortars. With the help of Internet, these bricks and mortars have shifted their focus to websites, to reach far greater audience. It is pertinent to note that they might have received a positive response; however, business model has been the same. In general, you have to register with them, pay initial fee, describe your wish list, and they will find someone for you which might take time, according to your criteria. Further, when a match is successful these businesses charge you an extra fee (to both parties) which may be pre-defined or left on choice sometimes considering the family status. Thus, at such prosperous moment, one does not hold back to appraise the efforts made by them.

With the launch of Online Dating/ Match Making apps, the traditional methods of finding someone special has been transformed radically. The Online Dating /Matchmaking segment is assumed to generate revenue of around US $2,471 million by 2023.

Nonetheless, conventional dating is not the culture of Muslim society, but there are some of these apps that promote Matchmaking, matrimonial service where user can pay a fee and register them to find the match on click.

To understand these new phenomena, one can refer to the benefits these online solutions providers such as:

● Ease of Operations (by swiping)

● Low Fee as compare to traditional methods

● Fast match making options as compared to traditional way

● Chatting in moderate environment can give you a freedom to better understand each other with more clarity

● According to a famous dating website, People Who Meet Online Get Married Quicker, Couples Who Meet Online Report Higher Marriage Satisfaction[1]

However, there is a risk of fake profiles, fairy tale stories during chats, and the issue of Compatibility which is well catered by Rishta Aunties and Marriage Bureaus by getting as much information as they can, so that they can find you a match. Though, this is a long process, takes a lot of time, and effort, as well as it cost you a lot comparatively.

Considering these key risks, Muslim Better Half, a new Startup at its seed stage, resolve to provide a solution for these issues, while utilizing the latest data driven A.I technology to yield the best output for its users through their unmatched Compatibility Algorithm based on the questionnaire designed by Expert Couple Therapist.

According to the passionate founder Mr. Saquib Khan:

“It is time to offer our young generations something unique and refreshing which boost the message of marriages in a HALAL way. Let our app do the magic to find your better half through unmatchable — easy to setup compatibility algorithm. Finding a perfect better half with the will of Allah and magic of our app is your birthright! The couples are made in heaven but meet at www.MuslimBetterhalf.com.

Further, divorce rates among Muslims are on the rise due to various reasons among which is the issue of Relationship Compatibility, a situation where one half does not consider the other to be compatible. Moreover, Taboo of choosing the partner for herself is a key issue despite the fact that religion allows it. So, not only our Unmatched Compatibility Algorithm will solve one issue, by offering a feature of Parent/Guardian, we are trying to solve this key issue where a person if satisfied can refer it to its guardian through our app or vice versa. This issue is not only common in Pakistan, but has also been observed worldwide among Muslim communities. So, I say Who Doesn’t Want a Better Half.”

Technological advancements have altered the way we used to do things in our lives, and this Match making/ Matrimonial services have been affected too. If you think otherwise or would like to give your input, you can participate in their survey via following link:


[1] https://www.datingadvice.com/online-dating/online-dating-marriage-success

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